Winnipeg was an unexpected stop, not on any lists or a desired stop from the outset but as has come to be in most cases, the places I least expect to enjoy are the places I’m finding are the most surprising. I only spent 4 hours here (out of business hours might I add), which means that I was privy to only a small offering of the bigger Winnipeg experience.

  • The history behind such a small place is astounding, from the native meeting places to the current city. There is a huge back story to this seemingly sleepy place
  • The food offering is first class in my books, reasonably priced, big portions and service is friendly and inviting. Everything a weary traveller could want
  • There seems to be a glut of Museums and other cultural attractions, I didn’t even realize
  • Places I wanted to see (after I knew they were here) but didn’t have time:
    • The Royal Canadian Mint
    • The Canadian Museum of Human Rights
    • The MLS Centre, home to the Winnipeg Jets (there was a game on the night I was here, but the train was to leave before the end of the game. Damn it!)
    • Downtown Winnipeg
  • From first impressions Winnipeg is a place I am glad to have visited. Would I come back? Yes I think I would. Not only is it in an interesting place on it’s own, but it seems to have so much to offer the willing traveller

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