Due to travel issues I needed to transfer flights at La Guardia in New York as leg 2 of three for the day. What was supposed to be a 1 hour lay over turned into a 24 hour ordeal, Here’s what I learnt

  • La Guardia looks fancy, is all shiny and has IPads for use everywhere, looks like it should be a pleasant experience
  • The Wi-Fi is horrible, barely works and is always trying to sell you apps
  • The cost of everything at that airport is astronomical, I know airports are usually expensive, but La Guardia is through the roof
  • I flew WestJet (a low cost Canadian Airline). The staff is friendly but was very poor at dealing with crisis situations. We had a double cancellation and the staff freaked out. They did not know what to do
  • La Guardia Airport itself can cancel flights as they see fit, e.g. if there is a bit of wind or there are too many going to be coming in at once, they will cancel the flight with little or no notice
  • When one flight is cancelled airlines deal with it quickly and professionally, when the second flight is canalled in a row and they have nearly 100 people looking at them for answers they loose it. Which in turn makes the passengers loose it, especially when pushy people entry from the side of the line and start huffing and puffing, “We all need to be somewhere Dude. Relax”
  • The second cancellation was due to mechanical failure of the plane. I didn’t think this happened anymore? There was no mechanic available so we waited for him, then there was no part available so we waited for it, then there was no spare plane available so they cancelled the flight
  • The one saving grace of La Guardia is the two Canadian I met there, Courtney and Daniel. Without them I would be a mess and probably locked up for blowing up. It is amazing what a $15 pint and a few friends can do to calm you down
  • There are little or no options for getting out of La Guardia, you are taking a cab or walking if you aren’t staying at one of the airport hotels
  • In hindsight if the transfer had of gone smooth I would think no less of La Guardia than any other airport in the world, but it is amazing how a bad experience can taint a place even if in reflection that experience had positives as well

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